We can improve pet care, together.

We are looking at the world from a mobile vet’s point of view, and we’re constantly improving because we believe in in-home care and want to help you grow.

Love what you do again.

Remember why you got into this business? We can help you focus more on helping animals.

When you join the Kumba’s Pet Care Network, you’ll be able to get:

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Join us - and the first national in-home pet care network.

We’re partnering with amazing local mobile veterinarians to help them deliver better care to their clients. We’re also forming partnerships with other providers, insurers and other organizations along the care continuum. Together, we’re building a first-of-its-kind national network to support better, more reliable pet care.

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We’re helping our partner veterinarians stand out, Here’s what they’re saying:

We need innovation that will help bring care to a higher and more efficient standard

Dr. James, Texas

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I’m no longer consumed by the burden of having to recruit or deal with emergencies all the time

Adrienne Sweet-Patel, Canopy Home Care, California

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We provide the amazing client care while Honor takes on the operations.

Scott Stanley, Texas

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Meet Dr. Barr Hadar,

Kumba’s Co-founder & Chief Veterinary Officer

Barr Hadar

DVM, Colorado Licensed in Texas, IL, NY

Experienced vet with a PhD in Health informatics, digital health and emerging technology in veterinary medicine

I started Canopy Home Care in 2009 because I wanted to contribute directly to keeping families healthy and happy. I’ve always worked in health care and had the desire to be an entrepreneur. That’s something I got from my parents. My mom launched a successful catering business that she ran for more than 25 years and my dad started a cranberry farm on our family ranch in Oregon. Watching both of them was a huge inspiration to me.

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We’re looking for partners who believe there are better ways to support pets who need care — and are excited to work with us to modernize our industry.

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